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      Product sales and support

      There are many great reasons to buy from us and one we're very proud of is our industry-leading, dedicated product support technical services.

      When you buy a product from us, our technical experts will be happy to talk through any difficult technical issues and answer all your burning questions.

      The technical services team can be help with:

      • The Bellman Visit alerting system
      • Doorbells
      • Alarm clocks
      • Care and baby monitoring systems
      • Listening devices
      • TV listeners
      • Room loops
      • Headphones
      • Amplified phones (including smartphones and mobiles)
      • Tinnitus relaxers
      • Hearing aid care
      • Installation and hearing support systems
      • And many more


      Before calling, please ensure you have your product details to hand.

      Telephone: 03330 144 485
      Textphone: 03330 144 530

      Our representatives welcome your calls via SMS, voice and Next Generation Text.