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      Hearing loop installation and maintenance

      We have more than 15 years’ experience of installing and maintaining hearing support systems to the relevant British Standard (BS EN 62489-1:2010). Whatever your environment, our engineers offer expert site surveys, annual maintenance contracts, and service calls to advise and create a solution just for you and your organisation. This service includes supply of quality equipment, such as fixed and portable counter loops, room loops and infrared systems, along with installation and annual maintenance contracts.

      Find out more about our products, loop systems and installations in this section.

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      Does your organisation or venue have a hearing loop system installed and maintained for the 11 million people with a hearing loss in the UK? Find out more about hearing loop systems below.

      Action on Hearing Loss offers the following three key installation services to help ensure that you get your message across – whether you're considering a new system, or you're looking to maintain, or suspect something may be wrong with, an existing one.

      Do you need advice on selecting the right hearing support system for your needs and to meet the requirements for 11 million people in the UK with deafness or hearing loss?

      We are the leading charity for people with hearing loss, so no one is better placed to help.