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      Digital campaigns assets

      Digital assets for Working for Change Campaign

      We’ve created a range of online and downloadable assets that can be shared within your organisation (e.g. via your intranet or e-newsletter), or your external networks.

      Isolation statA range of static infographic jpegs and animation mpegs from our survey results. Download files here

      A range of case study images, logos, infographics and online banners for use on intranet and eNewsletters. Download assets here

      Animation about the impact of hearing loss in the workplace. Animation link here

      Employers' Guide to supporting people with deafness or hearing loss to thrive in the workplace and meeting space posters including fingerspelling alphabet and ‘Is this meeting deaf aware’ poster. Download here.


      Personal stories posters to put up in your workplace to raise awareness. Download posters here

      Laura Lowles was worried about how her hearing loss would impact her at work. The right support from her employer made all the difference. Video link here

      Animation highlighting facts and figures about hearing loss. Animation link here