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      Deaf Awareness Training for Contact Centres

      Do you want to communicate better with people contacting your call centre who are deaf or have a hearing loss ?

      We can help by teaching your staff how to use textphone systems and how to make and receive calls via the Next Generation Text service.

      At the end of this course your staff will be able to:

      • identify situations within contact centres when people who are deaf or have a hearing loss might face communication barriers
      • identify and understand the technological solutions available that improve access for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in a call centre setting
      • make and receive calls on a textphone
      • be comfortable modifying language when communicating with deaf people
      • understand common abbreviations used during calls
      • be aware of etiquette and good practice during textphone calls
      • understand the Next Generation Text (NGT)  (formerly Text Relay) service
      • be confident using NGT to communicate with a deaf person using a textphone

      Further information and arranging a training session

      For further information, or to arrange a training session for your business, please contact our Access Solutions team who are trained in clear communication techniques and are able to converse with people using their preferred method of communication.

      Telephone: 0333 240 5658 (calls welcome via Next Generation Text)

      Arrange a training session