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      Businesses and employers

      One in six people in the UK have a hearing loss – that’s 11 million potential customers.

      However, 50% of them have experienced difficulties accessing goods and services. In fact, 83% of customers with disabilities (including hearing loss) opt for a disability-confident supplier.

      More than 70% of hearing aid users tell us that they would choose a business with deaf aware staff over another business or service.

      We can provide your company with everything you need to remove barriers and attract more customers:

      • access auditing and benchmarking to gain deaf-friendly accreditation
      • communication support to remove barriers for customers
      • deaf awareness and sign language training for your staff
      • employee assessments to support staff with hearing loss
      • hearing loop installation to improve accessibility
      • products and equipment for hearing loss.

      We want to improve the experience of customers with hearing loss by helping you deliver solutions across your whole business.

      Find out more about our products, loop systems and installations in this section.

      There are many great reasons to buy from us and one we're very proud of is our industry-leading, dedicated product support technical services.

      Giving employees with hearing loss the support they need, not only benefits them, it will be good for your business, too.

      Do you have an employee who is deaf or has a hearing loss? You will need to make reasonable adjustments to ensure you are compliant with the Equality Act 2010 to support your employee. We can help, through our workplace assessments.

      We have specialist employment services across the UK including, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; which work with employers and training providers to ensure their recruitment processes are fully accessible for deaf or hard of hearing people.

      Working for change

      In research we carried out in 2014, eight out of 10 respondents said that employer attitudes towards hearing loss was a major barrier in the workplace.
      Find out how we're campaigning to make services more accessible