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      Other support

      Are you looking for support with your tinnitus or wondering what you can do yourself so you are able to manage your condition?

      What support is there?

      Many people with tinnitus find support from sharing their experiences of the condition with others who understand what they are going through. Other people find self-help techniques are useful for supporting themselves so they can manage their tinnitus.

      Meeting others with tinnitus

      Meeting others with tinnitus at a local support group can help you cope better with your condition. Visit the British Tinnitus Association website for information about local organisations. You can also connect with people who have tinnitus online through our tinnitus forum, where you can share what works for you and pick up some great tips. You can also connect through our Facebook page, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

      How you can support yourself

      Improving your general health, including eating well and taking regular exercise can add to your overall wellbeing, and give you a more positive outlook so that you can support yourself better.

      Learning to relax can help you manage the stress that is often associated with tinnitus. See our factsheet, stress and tinnitus.

      More everyday tips to support you

      • Talk to your family and friends so they understand more about your condition and can support you better

      • Try listening to ambient sounds for relaxation and to help you sleep

      • Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks that could disturb your natural sleep pattern

      • Try not to lie awake if your tinnitus is stopping you from sleeping. Doing something distracting such as making a warm, milky drink can help take your mind off the sounds in your ear(s) and head

      • Keep stress and anxiety levels low to avoid a cycle where stress makes your tinnitus worse, and tinnitus causes stress

      • Take a holistic approach to your health that focuses on you as whole person rather than on your tinnitus alone

      • Investigate products that introduce gentle sounds to help distract you from your tinnitus

      • Try a complementary therapy. Research has shown that complementary therapy may not have a direct benefit on your tinnitus, but it can help you manage your stress and so cope with your tinnitus better.

      Learn more about tinnitus and the therapies and self-help techniques that may help.