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      Hearing aids and combination devices

      Do you find your tinnitus is worse when you have to make an effort to listen, or that your hearing loss means you cannot be distracted from your tinnitus by environmental sounds?

      Can hearing aids help with tinnitus?

      If you have hearing loss as well as tinnitus, using hearing aids may help by:

      • helping to compensate for your hearing loss
      • making environmental sounds louder, which can mask, or distract you from, your tinnitus
      • reducing your listening effort, improving communication and, thereby, reducing any stress and anxiety that may be associated with hearing loss.

      Speak to your GP if you think you need hearing aids, and read our leaflet Getting hearing aids.

      What is a combination device

      If you have tinnitus, you may benefit from a combination device, which contains both a hearing aid and a sound generator. Sound generators, which are also called tinnitus relaxers, play a range of environmental and soothing sounds to create a peaceful atmosphere and distract you from your tinnitus.

      For more information about products and therapies that can help you manage your tinnitus see our factsheet on tinnitus.

      Learn more about tinnitus and the drugs, therapies and self-help techniques that may help manage the symptoms.

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