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      Managing tinnitus

      As yet, there is no cure for tinnitus. But many people find that with the right therapy or combination of therapies, their tinnitus gradually improves over time. Some people also find that self-help techniques are useful for managing their condition.

      This section tells you about some of the ways you can manage your tinnitus including therapies and products that can help, as well as some of the support that is available to you.

      If you're looking for more information, visit our tinnitus forum, where you'll find a great online community full of tips and information. You can also download our free factsheets and leaflets, or order by contacting our information line.

      Listening to soft, soothing sounds can distract your brain from listening to your tinnitus sounds so you sleep better and notice our condition less.

      Do you find your tinnitus is worse when you have to make an effort to listen, or that your hearing loss means you cannot be distracted from your tinnitus by environmental sounds?

      You are not alone if you are more aware of your tinnitus when you're in bed and trying to sleep - tinnitus can have an impact on sleep, especially if you already sleep badly.

      Are you caught in a cycle where tinnitus causes you to feel stress and anxiety, which then makes the impact of your tinnitus worse?

      Are you looking for support with your tinnitus or wondering what you can do yourself so you are able to manage your condition?

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