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Loud Music can damage your hearing, permanently. Protect it. 

Our campaign to get you to protect your hearing is now called Loud Music!

Join in with the campaign in our Loud Music area. Find out how Loud Music can damages your ears, and the best ways to protect your hearing.

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Afrojack(External link, opens in new window)
‘If you want to have a fun life, wear ear plugs because if you want to go deaf by going to clubs, you can never go to clubs, you can never have fun, you can never listen to girls talking into your ears.'

Jerome Isma-ae(external link, opens in new window)
‘Stay away from the speakers and buy earplugs. It’s good to wear earplugs. Don’t listen to music too loud and for too long. Your ears will break. Go to the mountains walking, go running to the park without an iPod.’

Armin Van Buuren(external link, opens in new window)
‘Damaging your hearing is permanent, give your ears a rest. Five minutes in front of a really loud speaker is enough time to damage your hearing permanently. Give them a rest, walk away. If you have tinnitus, it can drive you nuts. If everywhere you go you have a buzzing noise, it’s the most annoying thing.’

Boy George(external link, opens in new window)
‘Well I think it would just be awful to lose your hearing. I think it would be the most difficult thing to deal with. I think if you’ve never had hearing it is a different thing, but if you’ve had hearing and you lose it that must be very difficult to deal with. Same as anything, losing a limb, losing your sight.’

Laidback Luke(external link, opens in new window)
‘I’ve had tinnitus for years. I’ve been DJing with jet engine volume so at one point I had a permanent beep and for me it was a wake-up call to go and actually protect my ears. It was six years ago now so I’m very conscious of keeping the volume low.’

Dash Berlin(external link, opens in new window)
‘Try earplugs once and see what happens. When you come home and you can hear the birds chirping and go to bed peacefully rather than staying awake for hours because you have a loud beeping in your ears, then you’ll definitely get accustomed to it! And you will still experience the music very, very well.’

James McBrien, Sketches(external link, opens in new window)
"I have had tinnitus since the age of 15 and wish I had worn earplugs before it was too late. I cannot hear certain frequencies in my left ear and have had a constant ringing for nine years now. I have managed to learn how to cope, but if I started using my earplugs earlier it could have been avoided. Don't Lose the Music is an excellent way to encourage people to think more about their ears and hopefully not make the mistakes I made."

Maxi Jazz, Faithless(external link, opens in new window)
"The sound of the waves on the shore. Children laughing. The breeze rustling through the trees. Simple pleasures brought to you by your hearing – look after your ears."

Judge Jules(external link, opens in new window)
"I expose myself to a lot of loud noises and enjoy myself all the time, the problem with loud noise is that it can cause irreversible ear damage, there’s absolutely no way back when it’s happened. It is, however, entirely preventable. Music is such a fundamental part of everyone’s lives that if you lose the ability to enjoy it, it’s everything."

Above&Beyond(External link, opens in new window)
“Whenever you see us in a club, whether DJing or not, we’ll always have earplugs in. We have long been aware of the real dangers of continued exposure to loud music, both in clubs and in the studio. Once your hearing goes, you won’t get it back, which is a risk we aren’t willing to take.”

Bloc Party(external link, opens in new window)
Bloc Party's Kele says: "There's such potential to music; it can cross all boundaries and has this incredible power to really matter to people. If it's important to you, and you want to continue to be touched by others’, or even your own, music for years to come, you must safeguard that future enjoyment."

Danny McNamara - Embrace(external link, opens in new window)
"The first six months I had tinnitus were awful. Every night I'd go to bed with the radio on just to drown out the constant and awful high pitched 'test card tone' in my head. I went onto the internet to find a solution only to discover there is no real cure, among all the coping strategies and group workshops. I went to a specialist who told me the years of loud music had done irreparable damage to my ears, all I could do was see that it didn't get worse.
Five years on and I've learned to live with it, pretty much. I have days when it gets me down but not many. All I want to say is if you've just disovered you've got tinnitus don't despair. Although it never goes away it does stop bringing you down after a while. If you haven't got tinnitus for God's sake take care of your ears before it's too late."

DJ Miss Behavin(external link, opens in new window)
"Music is my life. I cannot imagine life without music."

Eddie Halliwell(external link, opens in new window)
“DJing in clubs leaves me at the mercy of very loud sound systems, which in time would inevitably seriously damage my hearing. I would never even enter a club, let alone DJ without my custom-fit ACS ER15 earplugs. They are essential - which is why I give my full support to the RNID’s Don’t Lose the Music campaign.”

Eddy Temple Morris(External link, opens in new window)
"What Don’t Lose the Music are doing is REALLY important, please listen to them and be careful. My colleague Erol Alkan lost 40% of the hearing in one ear, and I have tinnitus now, so I will never hear silence again."

Jamelia(external link, opens in new window)
“Music is my life; it's my career and my passion. The idea that I would lose it is inconceivable, so I make sure I protect my ears in any way I can. I always wear earplugs when I listen to loud music so I can carry on listening to my favourite tunes for a long time to come.”

KT Tunstall(external link, opens in new window)
"Festivals are a huge highlight of my year and I love a good rock out or a boogie in the dance tent, but I've become aware of the danger of damaging your hearing through standing too close to the speakers...
Make sure you have a pair of earplugs. Love your ears!"

Rob Roar(external link, opens in new window)
I've always been ok up until 2 years ago when I finished playing in a club, and for 3-4 days after I had ringing in my ears. You tend not to notice it until it is really quiet, like when you go to bed or turn off you TV. Then you hear tinnitus, like whistling. It is almost like an electrical sound you get from a TV. I've had it ever since. It is really important that you practise safe decks.

Allister Whitehead(external link, opens in new window)
People do get tinnitus and take it from me I know a lot of people who've got it. It is the last thing you need in your life and you never get rid of it. It's really important that you look after your hearing. The question is... do you want to be able hear in 5 years time?

Access to Music(external link, opens in new window)
Is the UK’s leading designer and provider of popular music education. ATM strives to provide quality, innovation and opportunity in music through exciting music training which bridges the gap between education and the industry.

The Musicians' Union(external link, opens in new window)
Was founded in 1893 and has a proud history of service to musicians of all types. The profession and industry is not an easy environment and the MU is there to offer lots of different advice to musicians. They aim to ensure the health and safety of its' members is maintained, so were happy to join forces with Action on Hearing Loss in May 2003 to launch Don't Lose The Music.

Sensorcom(external link, opens in new window)
Specialises in the design and manufacture of audio communications accessories for use in difficult and abnormal conditions. Typically these include the entertainment industries (night clubs and concerts) and other situations where hearing protection and intelligible communications are necessary in very high ambient noise areas. Sensorcom donate £1 to Action on Hearing Loss for every pair of MusicSafe earplugs sold, and they have kindly supported the production of some of our publicity materials.