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      Our Translational Research Initiative for Hearing (TRIH) Partners are organisations that work with us to support the development of treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Research Partners

      Research Partners are organisations with a strong interest in identifying research, collaboration and/or licensing opportunities in the areas of hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Benefits of being a Research Partner:

      • We give you access, via the TRIH Grant scheme, to world class, peer-reviewed translational research projects. This is an opportunity to carry out cutting-edge research with leading academic groups.
      • You have the option to collaborate on a project independently, to co-fund with us, or to fund jointly with other Partners.
      • You can contribute towards defining themes within the annual TRIH grant call for proposals, to help you identify novel projects in your areas of strategic interest.

      See our current research partners.

      Enabling Partners

      Enabling Partners are organisations offering pre-clinical and clinical services, and expertise, in the development of treatments for hearing disorders.

      Benefits of being an Enabling Partner:

      • You can market your services and expertise to our extensive, international network of pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic researchers.
      • We give you the opportunity to collaborate and forge partnerships with academic and commercial research organisations with complementary expertise.

      See our current enabling partners.

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