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      TRIH Consultancy

      We have developed an extensive network of academic researchers, clinicians, investors and companies who work on hearing loss and tinnitus. We have a thorough understanding of the hearing loss and tinnitus markets. Find out more

      Contract research services in hearing disorders

      Our 'Enabling Partners' are specialist organisations that offer preclinical and clinical services – and consultancy to companies that are developing treatments for hearing disorders. We can help you access :

      • In-vitro and in-vivo preclinical models of hearing loss and tinnitus for compound screening and mechanism of action studies
      • Expertise in clinical trial design and measuring outcomes for hearing indications
      • Research centres that conduct hearing loss and tinnitus clinical trials.

      Access to people with hearing loss and tinnitus

      As a membership organisation we have strong links to people with hearing loss and tinnitus. We can help you engage with them, in research, through:

      • Clinical trial recruitment
      • Insight into patient need and optimising product profiles
      • Surveys/focus groups.

      Find out more

      We can provide some TRIH consultancy services free of charge but, as a charity, we welcome corporate donations so that we can continue to fund vital research. To make a corporate donation or to talk about an invoicing arrangement, just get in touch.

      To find out more about our TRIH consultancy services please contact us at or download our TRIH Brochure.

      TRIH Newsletter 

      Do you want to keep up to date with the latest development in clinical trials, news on biotech and pharma companies developing treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus?

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