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      Translational Research

      Across the UK 11 million people have hearing loss. Around one in 10 adults live with tinnitus.

      But, despite this high medical need, there are no clinically approved treatments or cures. Yet.

      We are determined to change this. We support translational research – where promising discoveries move from the laboratory into clinical trials. Our TRIH initiative has four key components:

      • Funding
      • Consultancy
      • Working with Partners
      • Engaging with patients.

      In this section we explain how we can help in each of these areas. You can find more information in our TRIH Brochure or by emailing

      TRIH Newsletter 

      Do you want to keep up to date with the latest development in clinical trials, news on biotech and pharma companies developing treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus?
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      The Translational Research Initiative for Hearing (TRIH) grant is international. We fund applied research projects based at research institutes and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) across the world.

      Consultancy icon

      The Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate has been enabled by a strategic partnership between Action on Hearing Loss and the Medicines Discovery Catapult.

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      Our Translational Research Initiative for Hearing (TRIH) Partners are organisations that work with us to support the development of treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Patients icon

      We are the leading UK hearing loss charity, benefiting from active members and volunteers. We have strong links to people confronting hearing loss and tinnitus, through our local support services, extensive social media networks, popular members' magazine and website.

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      Before a treatment is made available to the public, it has to be tested in a large group of people to make sure it’s safe and effective. These tests are called clinical trials.

      Market Intelligence icon

      We provide expert advice to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical-device companies on the current status of, and opportunities in, the hearing loss and tinnitus therapy areas.

      Support TRIH icon

      TRIH helps developers get their research to a point where it could attract the commercial funding necessary to take treatments to market. We need your support to invest more, in this promising, life-changing research across the world.

      Translational Hearing Research Summit Highlights

      22 March 2018, Wellcome Collection (Henry Wellcome Auditorium) London
      Summit highlights