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Include a gift in your will

Please install the Flash Plugin By leaving a gift to Action on Hearing Loss in your will, you’ll be helping to ensure that future generations overcome hearing loss and stay connected to those they love.

Over a third of all voluntary income received comes from gifts in wills. These special gifts are the reason we can continue to offer services to those in need and to fund research into better treatments and ultimately a cure.

A gift in your will is your chance to help all people with hearing loss to live life to the full. That’s some legacy.

If you would like to talk to someone about leaving a gift in your will, please contact Charlene Vallory on 0207 296 8114 or by emailing

Alternatively, you may find our question and answer page helpful and you can also order a free copy of our will-making guide.



A young woman playing with a child who has a hearing aid.

Why leave us a gift in your will?

Your gift will help to transform the lives of future generations.
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Signing a will.

Questions and answers about your will

If you’re thinking of a leaving a gift to Action on Hearing Loss in your will, our question and answer page may be helpful. You can order a free copy of our will-making guide or email the Legacies team.
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A boy with hearing loss sits with his dog.

Your legacy could make such a difference

Find out more about how your legacy could make a difference.
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Nick Abbott working on a hand-crafted chair

Legacy supporter stories

Find out why others have decided to leave a gift in their will to help people with hearing loss, years from now.
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A woman signing legal papers.

How to include a gift in your will

Are you looking to leave us a gift in your will? Find out how to find a suitable legal professional or if you have already created your will, how to add a gift to an existing will.
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