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Appeal for more local Community Officers

Eve and Jackie drinking tea

We need more local Community Officers!

Help people like Eve regain the life they’ve lost. Your donation could help fund local advice and support.

Eve struggled to cope with her hearing loss after the death of her husband, Gordon.

After 50 years together Eve had lost her lifelong partner and best friend. Gordon had been her ‘ears’. Gordon made the phone calls and heard the doorbell.

Now the phone was useless and she worried about missing visits from friends. Then Eve’s hearing loop equipment failed leaving her unable to hear the TV and radio.

Eve’s confidence plummeted. Feeling desperately alone she didn’t know where to turn.

There are many thousands of people like Eve who really need help.

Local Community Officers to the rescue

Thankfully Jackie, one of our local Community Officers, heard about Eve’s situation. Our officers keep in touch with GPs, and other local groups such as Women’s Institute and church groups to make sure people like Eve get the support they may need.

But there are only 11 local Community Officers in the UK – that’s not enough. 

Donate now and you could be helping to fund more local Community Officers.

How we help

Jackie helped Eve in lots of different ways. Our local Community Officers:

Simple changes make a huge difference

Jackie gave Eve the comfort of knowing she’d never miss another visit from one of her neighbours. She felt happier than she had in months.

Best of all she was able to get her new phone in time to surprise her daughter with a call on her birthday.

These were all such simple changes, but they made a huge difference to Eve’s life.

Your donation could mean someone like Eve won’t have to suffer in silence – without the vital equipment they need to live an independent life.

EveWe need more Jackies

As Eve says: “Jackie gave me back my confidence. There just aren’t enough Jackies.
“I’d like to thank Jackie, so much. Just knowing I can call her if I need to gives me such confidence. And I’d also like to thank the people at Action on Hearing Loss and everyone who supports them. Without you, my life would be very different today.”

We believe no one with hearing loss should feel cut off from their friends and family or forced to cope on their own. 

Donate now to help fund more Jackies.

What your gift could do:

  • £15 could help pay for a flashing doorbell in a demonstration kit
  • £25 could help us print and distribute information leaflets to reach people with hearing loss who need our help
  • £50 could help pay for specialist training to support people with hearing loss in the community
  • £100 could pay for one home visit from a local Community Officer

Every donation makes an impact. Donate now.

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