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      Shaping the future

      Strategy processes often use fancy language, put simply, we have been gathering insight to help us decide:

      • Who will we work with and for?
      • What we are going to do?
      • How we are going to do it?  

      We have talked to more than fifteen hundred people, including people who are Deaf, have tinnitus and hearing loss, their family and friends, the clinical and social professionals who support them, other charities in the sector. We have gathered insight into what has the greatest impact on their lives, and how they would prioritise our focus in the years to come. 


      Our new strategy is starting to take shape as our Board have approved a first draft. This is now the time for you to let us know what you think.
      Transforming Lives, is the working title for our new strategy. It envisages a major public attitudes campaign, to challenge the root causes of many of the issues people face. We also plan a greater focus on technology to improve people’s lives today, while we redouble our efforts to develop effective treatments. We will continue to support more people, while ensuring our long-term organisational strength and sustainability.

      Transforming Lives at a glance

      We want to transform the lives of people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss by: changing the way people think, feel and act; supporting more people across the UK; speeding up the development of new technology and working harder to find treatments for all types of hearing loss and tinnitus.

      Our strategic objectives


      Towards a Cure


      Better Technology


      Independent Lives


      Changing Attitudes

      Find treatments for all types of hearing loss and tinnitus

      Make technology more available and accessible to everyone

      Ensure more people have the information and support to live fulfilling, independent lives.

      Ensure the lives of people with deafness, tinnitus and hearing less are less limited by society.

      •  More research investment
      • More clinical trials
      • The first treatments.
      • More products launched
      • Greater use of technology
      • mainstream tech more accessible.
      • Threat of cuts to services averted
      • More people supported
      • Better Care and Support.
      • Society's attitudes challenged
      • Key issues affecting wellbeing tackled.

      A stronger charity

      More people supported, more impact, increased efficiency and income, with wider involvement.


      Please find a selection of blogs, written by our researchers, which capture both their experience and findings. Plus remember to tell us what you think.

      A central part of the Public Attitudes and Equality group’s work was identifying the best approach to changing attitudes and/or behaviour towards hearing loss.

      Over the summer, we conducted our ‘Shaping our Future’ survey as part of our strategy development work.

      When I was asked to find out what people with hearing loss, tinnitus and deafness were saying about their day-to-day experiences on social media, I had no idea what I would discover.

      Our research shows that people who are deaf or have hearing loss often feel labelled or limited by attitudes in the workplace or when using everyday services.

      As a charity, we already do a huge amount of work in areas related to health and social care for people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus, across the UK.

      We asked our beneficiaries about the areas of hearing research where breakthroughs would make the most difference to them.

      To achieve what this new strategic phase sets out for us, we will need a strong and committed group of active supporters