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      Our strategy: Taking action

      At Action on Hearing Loss, we are focused 100% on how we can reach and support people with hearing loss. Read our five-year strategy.

      Hearing loss can ruin lives: people lose jobs, relationships are destroyed; it can cause isolation and depression. It’s not just a minor inconvenience, inevitable as we age.

      Yet there are endless ways that small interventions, such as information and advice, peer support, technical devices and communication support, can bring about radical improvements in quality of life. We believe everyone should have choice and control over how they live their lives.

      We are working towards a set of goals that we firmly believe are achievable and that will change people’s lives for the better. In particular, as the number of older people increases, we’re determined that no one should be isolated by their hearing loss.

      Following many conversations with people who are deaf, or have tinnitus or hearing loss, we’ve created ‘outcome statements’ that sum up our vision of how we should be supporting people. That’s why all our work focuses on achieving the following outcomes:

      Everyone has the right information, advice, care and support

      • I value my hearing and protect it.
      • I manage my hearing loss and I know where to go if I need support.
      • I’ve got all the information, advice and access to communication and technology that I need.

      There is a range of equipment, treatments and cures available

      • I can hear well.
      • My tinnitus has been silenced.
      • My grandchildren won’t suffer because of hearing loss or tinnitus.

      Equality and life choices are not limited

      • I’ve got the right communication support, equipment and information.
      • I’m a valued member of society, treated with dignity and respect.
      • People understand my hearing

      We have clear plans for how to achieve these outcomes, and are now in the third year of our five-year strategy, Taking Action which commits us to three strategic aims: to provide Support and Care, develop Technology and Treatments, and campaign for Equality.

        You can also download a summary of our Annual Plan for 2017 - 18 in which we address current challenges – including budget cuts to vital social care and community services and threats to accessing free

        hearing aids – while continuing to develop our work to support people confronting deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

        Download our new strategy: Taking Action

        To read the full findings and recommendations from our report, please download ‘Taking Action, Hearing loss: a national and local response’.

        You can watch our Taking Action strategy in BSL:

        For further information, please contact our Information Line:

        Telephone: 0808 808 0123
        Textphone: 0808 808 9000

        For all media enquiries, please contact our PR Team

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