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Annual report 2013-14

Welcome to our annual report

We work to create a world where deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus do not limit or label people, and where people value their hearing. We do this by campaigning and lobbying, raising awareness of hearing loss, promoting hearing health, providing services, and through social, medical and technical research.

It’s been a year of significant achievements

Across the UK, we helped people on 42,662 occasions.We invested £1.6m in research projects.During the year, 106,164 people took our Hearing Check.We sold 81,079 products yo help people with deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus maintain their independence.We provided Deaf Awareness and Start to Sign training for 3,923 people.

In this report we detail specific achievements and outline our exciting plans for the future.

Download our annual report for 2013-14

You can read the full annual report above, or download a pdf version (pdf 854kb, opens in new window)

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Annual reports 2007-2013

Our annual reports summerise our impact, list the highlights, and break down our accounts.
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