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      Better to chat?
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      Finding cures

      We fund cutting-edge research, around the world, into treatments and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus.
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      Take the check

      Are you worried about your hearing? Taking the hearing check is the first step in getting help to hear better. 

      Support and share ideas

      Our online forums are a lively and supportive space for people who are living with deafness, tinnitus and hearing loss.


      Featured products

      Our products are specifically designed to help people with hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus. Every purchase in our shop helps fund research to cure hearing loss within a generation.

      Services and training for business

      One in six people in the UK have a hearing loss – that’s 11 million potential customers.

      More than half have experienced difficulties accessing goods and services. Being deaf aware can encourage people to choose your business.

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      Find the right services

      Find out what help, support and advice is available near you.
      Donate now

      Donate now

      Help us make a difference today

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      £10 could pay for one hour of testing to improve cochlear implants.

      £20 could provide transport to and from a Hear to Meet befriending session for someone with mobility difficulties.

      £30 could pay for two hours of microscope use to study how blood flow to the inner ear is important for hearing.

      £60 could pay for half a day’s research into treatments and cures to bring the joy of sound to thousands of people.

      Your donation today could change lives by funding research into much-needed treatments and cures, and by providing emotional and practical support so no one affected by hearing loss need feel alone.

      For safety we only allow donations of up to £25,000 online. Please call us to complete your donation. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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